I am committed to protecting our community.  

Our jails are in crisis. Morale in the Department is at an all time low. Good people are leaving. And the system is broken.

Three former deputies are in prison for murdering an inmate in the jail. Two deputies are currently on trial for severely beating an inmate. Four inmates escaped from maximum security, even after another inmate reported hearing the sounds of bars being sawed.

The situation is so out of control that the Blue Ribbon Commission on Jail Reform recommended a change in leadership at the top of the Sheriff’s Department.

The County Board of Supervisors felt it necessary to create a civilian oversight committee for the Sheriff’s Office jails.

Jose Salcido brings a lifetime of preparation to the position of Sheriff. His unique experience makes him the most qualified candidate to disrupt the current culture and rebuild an effective and dignified Sheriff’s Department.


  • The current Sheriff’s administration took office 20 years ago! Jose Salcido is the leader we need. A professional with the background and experience to deliver the leadership necessary to move us from the 20th Century to the 21st Century!
  • Highly motivated Deputies that experience on the job satisfaction because they believe that they are making a difference is key to the smooth and efficient running of the Sheriff’s Department. Job assignments, shift assignments, rotation within the Department, recognition for outstanding performance, and educational opportunities are some of the factors that increase job satisfaction and overall morale. It hasn’t been that long ago that Jose was serving as a deputy with the deputies he wishes to lead.
  • He served as the head of the Deputy Sheriff’s Association for 6 years. Under his leadership, morale and unity in the department were at an all-time high, to the point where the deputies voted 150 to 50 in favor of forgoing raises in order to avoid the layoffs of 81 deputy sheriffs. This is the kind of leadership we need in the Sheriff’s Office. He understands well the people he will lead.

Public Safety: 

  • Jose Salcido is committed to protecting our community. As the head Law Enforcement Officer in the County, Jose will collaborate and coordinate with our city police departments to be a unified force against crime.
  • José is committed to protecting our children and families in our schools, malls, theaters, workplaces, businesses, public transit and other venues. This is integral in building a Sheriff’s Department that is smart on crime and responsive to public safety concerns. Sheriff’s Department attention and resources must be allocated to meet the 21st Century public safety needs of Silicon Valley residents and visitors.
  • A major area of need is in identifying those inmates that are homeless. Jose will work directly with community based organizations to ensure that reentry for our homeless population includes a place to go when they are released. It is no surprise that along with homelessness comes an increased chance of incarceration, in fact at least 15% of inmates report being homeless in the year prior to their incarceration. Most agencies do not include incarcerated homeless when they count, let alone those who lose their prospects while incarcerated and are faced with significant barriers to finding stable living arrangements upon release. This bold move will help to lower recidivism and stop the flow of homeless residents into our communities.

Jail Reform:

  • Jose Salcido is committed to closing the revolving door culture of our jails. Uniting staff under a clear goal that prioritizes the safety of both staff and in custody persons is the first step. We need to train and encourage a cultural competent staff to improve interactions with our diverse residents. Whether it is with one of our many minority communities or with residents suffering from mental illness or living with mental/physical disabilities, our staff must be prepared and possess the right tools to respond correctly.
  • Jose believes that we must begin preparing inmates for their release on the day they are arrested. Effective cooperation between County Social Services, non-profit service providers, and the Sheriff’s Department is necessary. Therapeutic Community Programming in jails has reduced recidivism by 10%. Just a 10% reduction in the crime rate lowers the costs of running the criminal justice system including law enforcement, the courts and the jails. And families are strengthened when the bread winner is home and working.
  • Jose will ensure that in custody persons struggling with mental illness or living with mental disabilities will be approached by a prepared and resourced staff. More and more the correctional system has been the recipient of those in our community suffering from mental illness. It doesn’t appear that this situation will change anytime. Special training for deputies and correctional personnel in the identification and treatment of persons suffering from mental illness must be introduced.
  • These shifts in culture will bolster reentry of rehabilitated residents, lower crime in the community and break the cycle for justice involved families.

“It’s time for a change. You deserve a Sheriff that will bring the Sheriff’s Department into the 21st Century. Home-grown terrorism, the opioid epidemic, and the increased threat of gangs to our communities are just a few of the challenges that face law enforcement today. My unique experience makes me the most qualified candidate to meet these challenges. A bold, new future with bold, new leadership is what I will bring to the Sheriff’s Department. Please vote for me on June 5th.” Jose Salcido