“Jose doesn’t tackle the easy jobs – he works the
hardest part of District 10… I’m excited that he has
decided to help the entire community by running for Sheriff.”

– Councilmember Johnny Khamis, San Jose District 10

Councilmember Johnny Khamis,
San Jose, District 10

Former Mayor Chuck Reed,
City of San Jose

Retired Captain Terry Calderone,
Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office


McKee Mini Storage
The Drying Shed


Councilmember Johnny Khamis, San Jose, District 10
Former Mayor Chuck Reed, City of San Jose
Former Mayor Robert Dougherty, City of Campbell


Mario Maciel, Mayor’s Gang Prevention Task Force
Pastor Abel Rios, Mayors Gang Prevention Task Force
Pastor Danny Sanchez, The City Peace Project
Retired Captain Terry Calderone, Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office
Retired Captain Pat McGrady, Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office
Retired Police Officer Steve Mello, Mountain View PD
Pastor Sonny Lara, Firehouse Ministries
Mike Brookman, Morgan Hill Police Officer, Retired
Joe Lopez, Retired Sergeant, Sheriff’s Office;
        Former Commissioner SCC Civil Grand Jury;
        Former Commissioner San Jose Human Services Commission
Marilyn Rodgers, Registered Nurse, Retired
Katherine Decker, Registered Nurse, Retired, Mental Health Advocate
Bob Vonderwerth, Retired Police Officer, VP Playa del Rey Neighborhood Association
Marci Gerston, Attorney
Michelle & Tony DeOcampo, Business Owner
Bud LoMonaco Businessman
Alberto Carrillo, Community Activist
Aaron Resendez, Business Consultant
Pasquale Gianotta II, Business Owner
Mary Doering, Community Activist
Mandy Llamas, MSW (Social Worker, retired)
Keith Forster, Pastor and Business Leader


Valeriy Kazimirov, Business Owner
Roger Grossenbacher, Property Owner
Elenore Grossenbacher, Registered Nurse, Retired
Mike & Delise Davis
Bruce Jensen, Retired Police Officer
Cassie Jensen, Office Manager
Robert Buckles, Retired CHP Sergeant
Francisco & Christi Nanez, Business Owner
Hector & Maria Oropeza, Sheetmetal Work Local 104
Victor Pioli, Retired Fire Fighter, Santa Clara Co. Fire Dept.
Nubia Ramirez, Property Owner
Roberta Moore, Property Owner
Michele Dexter, Council Assistant, City of San Jose
Rick Dexter, Business Owner
Duane Serrano, Business Owner
Bill Lev, Director, local business
Joe & June Lindsey
Yvonne Durand
Michael Fagan
Louise Russo
Mike Tisdell
Rita Claar
Sirisha Gopisetty
Ed Carcot
Brandon Lee
Kiana Nakamura
Patsy Zanto-Embry
Kurt Rubin
Lori Telson
Pravin Soni
Frances Ratliff



“Jose is an interesting balance of what’s needed. He is fiscally conservative and socially responsible. He is tough on crime and helps at risk people who are willing to be helped. Jose is results-oriented even with non-profits and knows how to bring the right resources to the table as needed.”
– Roberta Moore, Real Estate Broker, San Jose

“I know Jose as a man of deep compassion combined with results-oriented practicality. His innovative solutions for disrupting jail culture will change the lives of countless inmates and their families. We need Jose Salcido!”
– Rich Burkhard, Professor, San Jose State University

”Voting for a fair and honest man”.
– Mary Anne Taylor, Broker & George R. Ahearn, Retired Engineer

He’s terrific!
– Tony & Bonnie Colombo, Retired Law Enforcement

“He speaks the truth”.
– Danny Garza, Retired

“I have collaborated with Jose through the National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention and know him to have the passion and leadership to change the lives of the incarcerated. Jose is the right leader, at this time, for the Santa Clara County Jail system”
– John A. “Jack” Calhoun, President and CEO, Hope Matters

“I’m pleased to inform you that the Bayshore Progressive Democrats voted to endorse you. We were deeply impressed with your compassion and connection with what really goes on with the incarcerated and their families, your emphasis on healing, rehabilitation and treating people as human beings with all the complex dimensions of accountability involved with that, and concern with violence prevention. You not only showed your Democratic values, you also demonstrated familiarity with the greater political context and knowledge for the job.”
– Margaret Okuzumi, for Bayshore Progressive Democrats

“Jose is one of the kindest and community minded people I know. I had had the pleasure of working with him on related community issues when I worked for San Jose District 1. I will be supporting Jose.”
Ed Brooks, Former Community Relations Director, District 1 Council Office, City of San Jose


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